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CVHDP Recertification

Certified Veterinary Healthcare Documentation Professionals (CVHDPs) maintain their credential through participation in professionally relevant continuing education activities. Recertification is required every three (3) years.

Maintaining and building on your competency in the field of veterinary healthcare documentation is the primary objective for participating in continuing education activities. Although AHDI membership is not required for CVHDPs, there are several continuing education opportunities included with membership.

Recertification Guidelines, Policies, and Resources

Each CVHDP is responsible for complying with all current CE and Recertification Guidelines & Policies. AHDI publishes two guides to assist you with your recertification:

CVHDP Recertification Handbook (Includes policies and procedures on recertification requirements, as well as forms you will need as part of the recertification process.)

Forms and resources:

CVHDP CEC Requirements Table
CVHDP CEC Approval Request Form
CVHDP CE Summary Form (PDF)
CVHDP CE Summary Form (Word)

Continuing Education Credits

A minimum of 30 continuing education credits (CECs) must be accrued with at least 26 of these in the core areas of Clinical Medicine, Technology and Tools, Professional Development, and Medicolegal issues. The remaining 4 required CECs may be obtained in either the core areas or the optional area of Complementary Medicine. It is recommended CVHDPs obtain more than the minimum 30 CECs, in the event a question arises as to the creditworthiness of an activity.


CVHDPs may purchase a 60-day extension to complete the recertification requirements. Extensions must be in writing and accompanied by a $50 extension fee prior to your original recertification deadline. Because recertification cycles are aligned for those who hold multiple credentials, an additional $10 fee per credential will also be applied. You must email the Credentialing Department at to request an extension and call the Credentialing Department at 209-341-2456 to pay your $50 extension fee prior to your expiration date.

Failure to Recredential

CVHDPs are responsible for knowing when their credential expires and recertifying prior to the expiration of your credential. CHDPs must notify AHDI promptly if your contact information changes or reminders, statements, or recredentialing information have not been received as expected. If you do not complete the recredentialing requirements by expiration date of your credential, your credential will expire, and you may no longer be eligible to identify yourself as a CVHDP.

Lapsed Notices, Grace Period, and Reinstatement

You will receive a lapsed notice if you do not complete and submit your recertification materials by your recredentialing deadline (or extension date). You will have 90 days from the date the notice is sent to complete the requirements if they wish to reinstate their credential. In addition to the original recertification fees, there is a $50 reinstatement fee due at the time of reinstatement. Because recertification cycles are aligned for those who hold multiple credentials, an additional $10 fee per credential will also be applied.

NOTE: If you allow your CVHDP to lapse and fail to reinstate within the 90-day window, you will have to earn your credential back through examination. You must apply for CVHDP exam eligibility through the AHDI website.