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ECRI Copy and Paste

ECRI Institute and the Partnership for Health IT Patient Safety released the following safe practice recommendations for copy and paste the week of February 29, 2016:

  • Recommendation A: Provide a mechanism to make copy and paste material easily identifiable.
  • Recommendation B: Ensure that the provenance of copy and paste material is readily available.
  • Recommendation C: Ensure adequate staff training and education regarding the appropriate and safe use of copy and paste.
  • Recommendation D: Ensure that copy and paste practices are regularly monitored, measured, and assessed.


Health IT Safe Practices: Toolkit for the Safe Use of Copy and Paste (Toolkit)

Copy/Paste: Prevalence, Problems, and Best Practices (Special Report)

Safe Practice Recommendations for Copy and Paste (Handout)


AHDI joined the Partnership for Health IT Patient Safety in 2015. More information may be found here.

This information has been posted with permission from ECRI.


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