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Exam Development and Delivery

The Credentialing Commission for Healthcare Documentation (CCHD) is charged with developing the AHDI credentialing exams, interpreting psychometric data, and completing domain analysis, item writing and editing, and technical review.

AHDI has overall responsibility for test development and administration; however, the CCHD provides guidance for the testing program. AHDI’s CCHD, a representative group of CHDS content experts, has been trained to develop and review test questions and materials before these materials are used on exams to ensure relevancy and accuracy. The team also helps provide the job-related perspective that underlies valid exams. Each question is evaluated prior to its acceptance as a valid test item. The CCHD maintains responsibility for determining the exam content outline and test specifications, maintains an item bank of approved test items, approves the individual tests for administration, and, with psychometric guidance, sets the passing score for successful achievement.

AHDI exams are delivered by, a test development and delivery company that provides secure online testing technology, integrating item banking, test delivery, and reports. provides live Online Proctoring (OLP), integrated with advanced AI technology, which uses remote video monitoring to observe test takers where they live, learn, or work.

The credentialing department at AHDI determines individual eligibility for exam admission. Based on test specifications developed by AHDI, prepares and administers the individual tests approved by AHDI. is also responsible for overseeing online proctoring, test security, test administration, and related functions.

Learn About the Credentials

Registered Healthcare Documentation Specialist

Certified Healthcare Documentation Specialist

Certified Healthcare Documentation Professional

Certified Veterinary Healthcare Documentation Professional



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