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SR Errors—Funny…or Fatal?

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Imagine your medical record without healthcare documentation specialists…

Speech recognition (SR) technology is like “autocorrect” on your smartphone…it is far from perfect. Healthcare documentation specialists are auditing and correcting medical records to ensure their accuracy and completeness. Below are examples the specialists caught in draft medical records produced by SR―some very funny, while others are potentially fatal. Employ healthcare documentation specialists for quality patient care documentation.

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Dictated:  The patient had influenza A.

Recognized:  The patient had a pleasant day.


Dictated:  Lipitor 20, two pills a day

Recognized:  Lipitor 22 pills a day


Dictated:  Aspirin 325 mg p.o. daily

Recoginzed:  Digoxin 125 mcg p.o. daily


Dictated:  Nystatin

Recognized:  NIASPAN


Dictated:  Pulmonary vein isolation system

Recognized:  Pulmonary bagel isolation system

Dictated: The procedure is successful…

Recognized:  The procedure is not successful…


Dictated:  Single lung transplant

Recognized:  Sing-a-long transplant


Dictated:  Pravastatin 40 mg a day

Recognized:  Gabapentin 200 mg a day


Dictated:  ALLERGIES:  SULFA. (Next)



Dictated:  Arterial insufficiency

Recognized:  Cheerio insufficiency