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New-Hire Test Prep


Just starting your career or looking for a new job?
Take a new-hire test—worry-free!

Employer new-hire tests can be intimidating, especially if you’re a new MT/HDS graduate or have been out of the job market for some time. Now you can take practice runs to prepare for the real thing. AHDI’s new-hire test prep quizzes will help you identify areas that may need improvement, without the worry of being assessed by a prospective employer.

AHDI offers three 75-question quizzes* to test your knowledge in a wide range of areas that apply to healthcare documentation specialists’ work daily. Each question provides guidance categories for further study (e.g., medical terminology, pharmacology, grammar and punctuation, sound-alikes, HIPAA, anatomy and physiology/disease processes, etc.) as well as a results page upon completion of the quiz.

This tool is a benefit to AHDI members, to help our workforce prepare for today’s jobs in healthcare documentation. Let’s get started!


These quizzes consist of multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank questions. They should be used to test your knowledge and applied interpretive judgment. You must choose an answer and then click “OK.” Each question must be attempted before the results will display. You will have two (2) hours to complete each 75-question quiz.

It is recommended to take the first quiz as a starting point, view your results, and then devote some time to study areas that need improvement. Once you feel more confident in those areas, take the second quiz and then reassess your knowledge level. If more study is needed, complete that prior to moving on to the third quiz. 

 Questions? Contact us at 800-982-2182 or

 A special thanks to the volunteers on AHDI’s Educators Alliance Steering Committee for developing this resource.


*Disclaimer: These are practice quizzes only for self-evaluation and should not be used as a diagnostic tool. AHDI is not responsible for users’ performance on new-hire tests taken for positions in which you are seeking employment.


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