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AHDI-Fellow Designation

The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity is pleased to offer a membership designation of AHDI Fellow. Being a fellow of AHDI is an honor. It signifies you have achieved a balance of successful activities in your profession that goes beyond typical healthcare documentation practice. The AHDI Board of Directors has adopted a set of criteria that AHDI Individual Professional members must meet to earn the designation of Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity Fellow (AHDI-F). The criteria strengthens the fellowship designation, enhancing its prestige and value to those who earn the right to use the AHDI-F title. Please click on the following link to review the AHDI-F application.

Please Note: To maintain your AHDI-F you must maintain your AHDI Individual Professional membership. If you retire from the industry, you may become a Sustaining member if you meet the eligibility requirements and continue to use the AHDI-F designation. You will lose the right to use the AHDI-F designation if your membership lapses.When membership dues are paid in full, you may reapply for Fellow status upon submission of a new application and processing fee.

How to Become a Fellow of AHDI

To become recognized as a fellow in AHDI, you must earn at least 50 fellowship points in the five years immediately preceding the application and be an “Individual Professional” member as set forth in the AHDI bylaws at the time the application is submitted. These points may be earned in at least five of the eight categories offered, as shown on the application.

There is a limit to the number of points you can obtain in each category. Thus, qualified fellows must demonstrate a balance between practice duties, professional experience, leadership, and community involvement. When filling in the application, please include all activities/accomplishments that pertain to the category, but only list up to the maximum points allowed for that category.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • You must have an active Individual Professional membership with AHDI
  • You must complete the AHDI-F Application showing fulfillment of the appropriate number of points per knowledge area within the past five years
  • You must pay the $100 Application Fee upon submission of your application

As of January 2017, an AHDI credential is no longer required to apply for AHDI Fellow status. Being credentialed increases the number of points earned toward the Fellow designation, however.


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