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Shortcuts Corner: Macro Creation Brain Patterns

Shortcuts Corner

By Betsy Ertel


What is the best way to create shortcuts in our brains before they come out our fingers at the keyboard?  Have you ever wondered how to get started with this keystroke saving process?  When I am traveling across the country teaching others a better way to produce transcripts or to save time in their PC world, I like to bring attention to how simple this process can be.  Many of us have to go to the grocery store.  When you grab that cart and start checking off your list, look at all the brand names on the shelves with their subtitles. What would your shortcut be for Campbell’s Mushroom Soup? Kellogg’s Special K? Quaker Oatmeal?


Your answers may look something like this:  

Campbell’s Mushroom Soup = cms

Kellogg’s Special K = kspk

Quaker Oatmeal = qoat


It could have been something different that your brain said before you even read the answers above. 

When you are driving down the road, pay attention to the billboards and think about title shortcuts. Also, street signs are a great way to help see your own unique pattern of creativity. 


Lake Buena Vista Drive = lbvd

Walt Disney World Village = wdwv

Osceola Parkway = Ospkwy


Keep formations of shortcuts going through your head during your daily routines. It can actually be a fun game you play by yourself! Nobody has to know.


This Shortcuts Corner will enlighten you on more keystroke-saving techniques. Stay tuned for what’s next around the Shortcuts Corner!