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Career Map for Healthcare Documentation


Career Levels Based on Skills, Education, and Experience

The four skill levels were developed as a collaborative effort between the Manager/Supervisor Steering Committee and the Compensation Best Practices Task Force. Managers representing both healthcare organizations (ambulatory and inpatient) and medical transcription service organizations (MTSOs) developed the skill sets based on medical transcription/editing work type knowledge, quality assurance/document integrity review experience, work environment, technical expertise, critical thinking skills, managerial experience, and soft skills. Organizations represented are utilizing these skill levels to develop job descriptions, educational requirements and pay ranges for each level. For more detail, please review AHDI’s Compensation Best Practices Toolkit.


Individuals possess basic or entry-level knowledge with little to no experience in a particular position. Individuals may be mentored while increasing the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience. Positions mapped include:

  • Healthcare Documentation Specialist 1

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Individuals possess proficient knowledge within certain areas of expertise. Nature of work performed may be limited in scope or for a specific area/specialty. Positions mapped include:

  • Healthcare Documentation Specialist
  • Medical Scribe
  • Clinician-Created Documentation Integrity Auditor
  • Coder I
  • HIM Technician
  • Medical Secretary
  • Patient Services Representative

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Individuals possess proficient knowledge and experience across all areas of responsibility. Individuals accept additional responsibilities and tasks such as QA tasks, mentoring peers, assisting with projects, etc. Positions mapped include:

  • Department Technical Analyst
  • Application System Analyst
  • EHR/SR Trainer
  • Patient Portal Liaison
  • Department Physician Coordinator
  • Healthcare Documentation Specialist
  • Senior Medical Scribe
  • HDS Supervisor
  • Clinician-Created Documentation Integrity Auditor
  • Clinician-Created Documentation Integrity Auditor Educator/Trainer
  • QA Specialist
  • Clinician-Created Documentation Coordinator
  • HIM Analyst
  • HIM IS/IT Data Analyst
  • Coder II
  • HIM Operations Supervisor

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Individuals possess expert knowledge and experience across all areas of responsibility. Individuals are a subject matter expert resource to others, and often assume responsibility for other employees. Positions mapped include:

  • EHR/IT Manager
  • IT HIM Analyst
  • Physician Liaison for Healthcare System
  • HDS Manager
  • Clinician-Created Documentation Integrity Auditor Manager/Supervisor
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement
  • HIM Operations Manager

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