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Career Map: Abbreviations

  •  AHDI: Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity
  • BESR: back-end speech recognition
  • BR: birth registry
  • CMT: Certified Medical Transcriptionist
  • CHDS: Certified Healthcare Documentation Specialist
  • EHR: electronic health record
  • EMPI: enterprise master patient index
  • EMR: electronic medical record
  • FESR: front-end speech recognition
  • GED: general education diploma
  • HDS: healthcare documentation specialist
  • HIM: health information management
  • HIPAA: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  • HL7: Health Level Seven
  • IS: information systems
  • IT: information technology
  • MSA: Managers/Supervisors Alliance
  • MT: medical transcriptionist
  • MTSO: medical transcription service organization
  • PC: personal computer
  • QA: quality assurance
  • RHDS: Registered Healthcare Documentation Specialist
  • RHIA: Registered Health Information Administrator
  • RHIT: Registered Health Information Technician
  • ROI: release of information
  • SR: speech recognition
  • WPM: words per minute

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