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Back-end Speech Recognition Implementation Best Practices


In August 2016, AHDI released the Back-end Speech Recognition Implementation Best Practices Toolkit, which outlines how successful implementation of BESR is dependent upon a carefully orchestrated plan of action from the start, with ongoing measurements being monitored in the post go-live environment so challenges can be addressed as soon as possible for continued best results. Wise implementation of BESR systems can lead to increased productivity, improved turnaround, decreased costs, and a satisfactory new production environment for the entire healthcare documentation team.

This toolkit draws on the experiences of numerous healthcare organizations that have successfully implemented back-end speech recognition (BESR) as well as some that were less successful but able to provide much-needed insight, solutions, and workarounds. The toolkit provides in-depth information and best practices to guide healthcare organizations through the implementation of back-end speech recognition technology. What could be seen as a long and arduous process is made easier with detailed instructions to ensure organizational readiness, good implementation planning and execution, as well as steps to evaluate progress post-implementation.


Back-end Speech Recognition Implementation Best Practices Toolkit – This toolkit will help your organization think through the steps and processes, from planning through implementation and into the maintenance stage, to make the transition a bit easier and with a successful outcome.

Application & Relevance Whitepaper – BESR has been promoted as a technology tool to help improve documentation turnaround times and decrease overall costs. This paper provides an overview of how healthcare organizations have successfully implemented BESR programs and have achieved their desired goals.

Sample Project Management Plan – This sample project management plan can be modified for use with a capital purchase speech recognition solution or a vendor subscription solution (either facility- or vendor-hosted).

Sample Reference Survey Checklist – This sample survey will provide a starting point on which to build for interviewing vendors and finding the right fit for your company.

Sample Scorecard – The purpose of the scorecard is to measure the impact of the solution for a period of 1 year. Success is determined by comparing key metrics to predetermined goals and tracking on a monthly basis.


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