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Hire New Graduates


Immediate Solution to Your Workforce Shortage


Trying to find good talent is always a challenge. However, this statement has never been more true than in today’s healthcare documentation industry. As the mechanics and complexion of the industry continue to flex and change, why would hiring new graduates be of great benefit to employers such as MTSOs, clinics, and facilities? Consider some of the following reasons.

When you hire new graduates you are getting individuals who have:

  • Relevant and up-to-date computer training.
  • Exposure to and experience with the latest technologies in healthcare record documentation.
  • A firm grasp on the English language with considerable recent English and grammar exposure.
  • Training on traditional transcription files coupled with speech recognition training including editing and proofreading.
  • Recent intensive experience utilizing the AHDI Book of Style & Standards for Clinical Documentation, 4th Edition, and a variety of hardcopy and/or online healthcare references to a variety of medical specialties with authentic healthcare provider dictation.
  • HIPAA knowledge and training.
  • Completed a practicum or externship, providing students with real-world experience and which may include industry transcription/editing platforms.
  • A fresh perspective and willingness-to-learn approach (no need to “un-train” work habits or methods developed over the years).
  • A passion for the work and an open mind for learning new things.
  • Motivation and the desire to work hard to prove themselves.

In short, new graduates come equipped with relevant skills and knowledge in current trends of healthcare documentation. They have demonstrated their commitment to this career by completing a rigorous education, which is based on fundamental knowledge of the AHDI Model Curriculum standards. New graduates are uniquely motivated to succeed in the job for which they have been trained. They have already invested considerable resources toward that goal and are eager to prove themselves to the employer. These new professionals are, in fact, the future of healthcare documentation.




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