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National Leadership Board

The National Leadership Board is the governing body of the association and is empowered to establish policies and manage the property, business, and affairs of AHDI, subject to the limitations of the Articles of Incorporation, of the Bylaws, and of the California nonprofit mutual benefit corporation law. The NLB is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the association based on trends and drivers in the industry, informed research, and member feedback and input.

Learn more about the AHDI National Leadership Board here.

Committees, Workgroups, and Task Forces

AHDI committees are standing, recurring decision-making bodies assigned to key policy and program areas essential to association operations.

Our workgroups work closely with staff throughout the year on specific association programs, events, and initiatives.

Task Forces are created on an ad hoc basis by the National Leadership Board for a limited period of time with a specific charge.

Learn more about AHDI's committees, workgroups, and task forces here.

Components (Local Chapters and State, Regional, and Web-based Associations)

Component associations support and promote the goals of the national association. Their purpose is to provide opportunities for networking, professional recognition, advocacy, and education at the grassroots level. Components provide a venue where transcriptionists can exchange information and professional growth. The component association is also the cornerstone of association leadership, where individuals are recognized for contributions to the profession, which are of great value or excellence.

Learn more about AHDI Component Associations here.


Learn about the AHDI Bylaws here.

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