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Both the industry and the association are facing a workforce development and recruitment challenge that will soon become a crisis issue for healthcare delivery. With the impending retirement of our sustaining Baby Boomer workforce, our industry will soon reach a critical point of disconnect with the demands of an evolving healthcare delivery system – a system that will continue to seek other documentation solutions to meet the high-volume documentation needs that are anticipated in health care as Baby Boomers enter the long-term care continuum. For myriad reasons, the industry has failed to address the emerging recruitment dilemma and find solutions for attracting next-generation documentation specialists into the profession. The commoditization of transcription services has painted the industry into a difficult corner, where there is very little room for innovative solutions for recruiting potential workforce candidates into the profession.

The technology-driven documentation picture of the very near future is going to require a different kind of knowledge worker, and work-at-home moms may no longer be the ideal candidates to fill those roles. The evolving needs of the industry are demanding that industry stake-holders step away from outdated recruitment and retention models and face the dilemma of promoting the career to a new generation worker – one whose career needs and expectations may be significantly different than generations before them and one who may be more technologically equipped to step into the new roles emerging in data capture.

Next Gen Campaign for 2008
AHDI needs to engage every sector of the industry in "Next Gen" recruiting. This means engaging MTs in active career recruiting, educating business owners about the need for a new recruitment model, engaging educators and schools in innovative candidate recruiting, and teaching association leaders to deploy new member recruitment concepts at the local level.

To that end, AHDI is encouraging its local and state/regional components to choose one of the following recruitment events this year:

  • Host an open informational event for the general public to educate them about the profession and the career.
  • Participate in a local high school or community college career fair to recruit interested candidates into the profession and guide them to the right career information and selection of an approved-school program.
  • Host a military spouse informational meeting at a local military institution or military base.
  • Host a reception, preferably during National Medical Transcriptionist Week (May 18-24, 2008), for all local students, recent graduates, and new MTs to encourage their membership and involvement in AHDI.

Components and/or individuals who wish to coordinate one of the above events can contact Bethany Twist (btwist@ahdionline.org) to receive support and promotional materials for each of the events above. In addition, AHDI is partnering with MTIA to encourage all sectors of the industry to get involved in this recruitment effort. To that end, MTIA business owners are being encouraged to partner with an AHDI component to host and sponsor one of these recruiting events. If you also want information on how to connect with a MTIA business owner in your area to co-host this event, request that information from Bethany Twist, above.

How Can I Help Recruit Next Gen MTs?
In addition to the above events, AHDI is encouraging its members and other interested MTs in the industry to participate in personal recruitment by wearing our eye-catching recruitment button I Love My Career…Ask Me Why? to educate the general public about a career in healthcare documentation and to point interested individuals to the career information found at the AHDI website. It is so important to the future viability of the industry and our workforce to make sure interested candidates get plugged in to the right information and select a credible, approved educational program.

Buttons are available for purchase in the online store or by calling Member Services toll free at 800-982-2182.

Thank you to our Next Gen sponsor!