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Have You Read Your Medical Record?

As we approach National Medical Transcriptionist Week this year, AAMT is excited to announce a new public awareness campaign designed to share with the public the critical role medical transcriptionists play in documenting their medical records, contributing to patient safety, protecting health information, and ensuring clear, concise communication between and among healthcare providers. AAMT is working with the Star Rosen Group to develop media kits for our components to share this information locally as well as “telling our stories” to the media. As MTs, most of us are aware of the numerous times in our career that we have identified a medical content error or contradiction, and how that error or contradiction might affect patient care if MTs were not here to ensure that the healthcare provider corrects that misinformation before another healthcare provider or insurance company receives that information. The public, however, is not aware of the vital link MTs provide in healthcare documentation.

AAMT will continue to celebrate with our members this historical week set aside to recognize our contributions to healthcare documentation. The AAMT Board of Directors made a bold decision to go outside our membership to spread the message of the importance of quality healthcare documentation and the role MTs play in that process. Our public awareness advisory council will play a critical role in using this tool to move the association and the profession forward.

Medical transcriptionists around the country will celebrate May 14-20, 2006, acknowledging the importance of careful documentation and the skill and knowledge required to meet the demands of our chosen profession. AAMT invites you to become part of that celebration and to share it with everyone you know.

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