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OPENING KEYNOTE (Thursday, July 24)

Ronald M. Wyatt, MD, MHA
Medical Director, Division of Healthcare Improvement
The Joint Commission

Patient Safety: Next Stop, High Reliability
Dr. Wyatt will explore The Joint Commission’s sentinel event and complaints data, while specifically discussing the 2012 Juno case (see related article from Plexus, Sept/Oct 2013). In this case, Ms. Sharon was administered of a lethal dose of Levemir insulin, an outcome that originated with a transcription/speech recognition error. Dr. Wyatt will also discuss The Joint Commission’s initiative around high reliability and zero patient harm and TJC’s standards that may apply to medical transcription. (Read more)



CLOSING KEYNOTE (Saturday, July 26)

Zubin Damania, MD (ZDoggMD)
Director of Healthcare Development
Downtown Project Las Vegas

Redefining the Culture of Health Care
Dr. Damania delves into the ethical challenges of delivering compassionate health care in our severely dysfunctional medical system, while proposing collaborative ways to revitalize it. He examines, through humor and storytelling, the hope that the future of medicine is a bright one provided that all of us work together for the common goal. (Read more and follow on Twitter)

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